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3420 Broadway Boulevard Suite 128, Garland, TX 75043

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Wednesday - Thursday: 10AM to 9PM, Tuesday - Closed, Friday: 10AM to 10PM, Saturday: 9AM to 10PM, Sunday: 9AM to 7PM

Flavorful Latin Food & Restaurant

Get a taste of El Salvador with Latin food from Pupusas Mama Titas, based in Garland, Texas. Our friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere are perfect for
any occasion.

A Delicious Dish

Pupusas Mama Titas is Salvadoran food at its best, as we offer the most authentic, hot, and fresh pupusas in town. Pupusas are a traditional dish from El Salvador. Corn tortillas are stuffed with a filling — usually cheese (pupusas de queso), beans, and/or Salvadoran-style chicharrón (finely ground pork). A Pupusa Revuelta has all three fillings.

Pupuasas are cooked on a griddle, and they are served with a pickled-cabbage slaw called curtido, along with a thin tomato sauce (salsa roja). Additional products we offer include:

• Curtido
• Tamales
• Yuca Frita
• Plantains
• Ensalada
• Tortitas
• Empanadas
• Horchata
• Dos Equis

Contact us in Garland, Texas, to enjoy delicious, flavorful, Latin food at our restaurant.